About Your Groomer...

Rhea Vanderwerf graduated from grooming school in Palm Springs, California in 2001.

Having worked in a veterinary hospital for the majority of her career, she was educated about animal health related to grooming.

Experiencing first hand how animals react to being at the grooming salon all day; her dream was to open her own mobile grooming salon.

She started Luxe Paws in 2013 and has excelled in providing luxury dog grooming services to

residents of Carrollton, Texas and surrounding areas.

Clients will receive luxury service at the highest level of convenience.

Clients will no longer need to hassle with getting their dogs into the car and driving them across town in traffic.

Rhea will come to you!

Why Choose Luxe Paws?

~First Aid/CPR safety and health certified.

~Less Stress, especially for older dogs, dogs with separation anxiety and puppies.

~No cage or cage dryer, hand fluffed, no distractions.

~No mess in the car or wasting your day in traffic.

~Healthier, no contact with other dogs, fully sanitized in between appointments.

~Environmentally friendly inverter battery-powered, no noisy generator, no need to plug into your power or water.

~Luxury Spa products, hydro massage baths, facial, mud baths, adorable bandanas, and bows.

~Convenience, easy appointments through text, messenger and DM's

Try Luxe Paws, and you'll see the difference Mobile Grooming can make for & your dog.